Last Updated: 01/01/2017

Coordinating Team

Below is a list of all the Coordinating Team.

George McAleese   Stephen Stretton
George McAleese - Co-ordinator
  Stephen Stretton - Finance Volunteer
Tina Walker   Joanne Bardall
Tina Walker - Events and Activities
  Joanne Bardall - Deputy Support and Newsletter Scribe
Steve Irving    Jenny
Steve Irving - Fundraising
  Jenny - Secretary
Jim Cummins   Ros Arrowsmith
Jim Cummins - Health & Safety
  Ros Arrowsmith - Volunteer
Sian Barker   Julie Hawksworth
Sian Barker - Volunteer
  Julie Hawksworth - Lead Support Volunteer
Caroline and Ross Coppins-Brown  
Caroline and Ross Coppins-Brown - Wheelhouse Queen - not Ross obviously